Richard Gomez

Richard Gomez

VP, Aviation Training & Products Worldwide, MedAire

Richard Gomez is VP, Aviation Training & Products Worldwide for MedAire. He has 30 plus years of aviation experience including, crew member training, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, cabin crew management and above and below the wing operations. Richard joined MedAire in 2005 to lead the global aviation training platform. Today, he oversees MedAire’s suite of products and services including Crew Medical Training, Aircraft Medical Kits and medical services for crew while on duty. Richard is committed to safety and supports airlines around the world with the mission of continuous improvement.

Previously, Richard was a flight attendant and manager at America West. Today, he serves as Secretary of the Air Charter Safety Foundation Board of Governors Association.

Empowering Crew to Manage In-Flight Emergencies, Beyond CPR and AED Training

In-flight medical emergencies can be daunting for passengers and crew, and airlines must ensure their crew members are equipped to handle such situations. Beyond CPR and AED certification, more is needed to adequately prepare them for the full range of medical events on board.

Many airlines provide annual medical training to enhance crew members’ medical knowledge and skills.

Learn the importance of onboard medical management resources. These training programs aim to build crew members’ confidence in managing various in-flight medical emergencies, including cardiac arrests, seizures, and anaphylaxis.

In addition to training, it’s also crucial for airlines to provide their crew with the necessary medical management resources onboard, including medical kits, medications, and equipment, as well as access to ground-based medical professionals who can provide additional guidance and support during medical events.

By empowering crew to manage in-flight medical emergencies beyond basic CPR and AED training, airlines can ensure that their crewmembers are well-prepared to handle any situation that may arise while in the air with confidence to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers.

This presentation will emphasize the need to build confidence in managing any medical event through annual focused crew medical training. Attendees will gain insight into the importance of onboard medical management resources and medical training skills and techniques that can be implemented within their training department. This session will provide specific focus areas to empower crewmembers to provide the best possible care in the air based on hundreds of thousands of in-flight medical case experiences.