2023 Maintenance Conference

Download the 2023 Maintenance Conference presentations HERE.

Maintenance Conference Moderator: Dr. Bill Johnson

Day 1 – Tuesday 18th April 2023

Session 1 – Opening Remarks & Airline Flight Training Leaders Panel (all streams)
1) Daniel Serfaty, CEO, Aptima, Inc.
Adaptive Individualized Training in Aviation
2) Airline Flight Training Leaders Panel
Moderated by Capt. Paul Preidecker

  • Kirk Limacher, Vice President Flight Operations, United Airlines
  • Jeffrey Winter, Vice President Flight Operations, JetBlue
  • Brad Lambert, Vice President Flight Operations, Frontier Airlines
  • Paul Kinstedt, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Republic Airways
  • Chris Broom, Vice President, Commercial Training Solutions, Boeing Global Services
  • Captain Stéphan Labrucherie, Head of Flight Training Worldwide, Airbus

Session 2 – Staying the Course: Regulatory Roundup (all streams)
1) Lee Abbott, Training and Simulation Group Manager, AFS-280 & Ben Lafargue, AQP Section Manager, Training and Simulation Group, AFS-280, Federal Aviation Administration
FAA Update – The Agency’s Strategic Approach to Major Initiatives and Training-Centric Matters such as Standardized Curriculum and Powered Lift.
2) Dr. Kathy Abbott, Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor, Flight Deck Human Factors, Federal Aviation Administration
FAA Flight Path Management Advisory Circular: Current and Future Directions
3) Peter Cerdá, Regional Vice President for the Americas, IATA
Global and Regional Outlook for Airline Operations

Session 3: Evolution of Airworthiness Human Factors: Panel Discussion
1) Dr. Maggie Ma, Technical Fellow, Boeing Commercial Airplane Division
The World View of HF
2) Dr. Bill Johnson, President, Drbillj.com
The Inspectors View of Evolving HF Challenges
3) Cengiz Turkoglu, Senior Lecturer & Quality Manager, Cranfield University National Flying Laboratory Centre
A View from Europe

Session 4: Competency-Based Training Assessment: Panel Discussion
1) Lydia Kes, Head of Research & Development Aviation Education, MBO College Airport
2) Jason Stanelle, Associate Technical Fellow, Chief of Design, Commercial Maintenance Training, Boeing Global Services
3) Christian Popp, Chief Customer Officer, MINT Software Systems (USA)

Day 2 – Wednesday 19th April 2023

Session 5 – Development Tools for Virtual Reality Training
1) Cengiz Turkoglu,Senior Lecturer & Quality Manager, Cranfield University & Kenneth Ogbeifun, Safety Specialist, Flybe
Potential Use of 360 Videos and Virtual Reality Tools for Frontline Operators in Aviation
2) Eric Liga, Chief Scientist, NetEdge VR
Revolutionizing Ground Crew Training
3) Anca Gosling, Director of Aviation Training Content & Development, Aeroclass
Training the Next Generation: Innovative Way to Learn Aviation English via 3D Images
4) Joseph Merry, President, Jet Maintenance Consulting Corporation
Do It Yourself VR Training Development

Session 6 – Next Gen Trainees & Training Methods
1) Panagiotis Poligenis, Head of Strategy, Business Development & Innovation, Lufthansa Technical Training GmbH
Aircraft Maintenance Training for the Next Generation
2) Dragos Budeanu, Senior Manager, Engineering and Maintenance, International Air Transport Association (IATA)
Aviation Maintenance Training Crossroads
3) George Perrin, Senior Manager Tech Ops Training, Spirit Airlines
Next Gen Trainees & Training Methods

Session 7 – Factors and Attitudes that Supersede Technical Knowledge and Skill
1) Dawn Whyte, Aviation Career Coach, Dawn Whyte Aviation Career Coaching
How to Build Resilience
2) Steve Harnden, Maintenance Training Instructor, GP Strategies
I Didn’t See That Coming – More Than Technical Skills
3) Michelle Arredondo, Maintenance Instructor, Ascent Aviation Services
Development and Training for Technical Publications

Session 8 – Exhibition Time

Day 3 – Thursday 20th April 2023

Session 9 – Startle, Conflict, Fatigue & Resilience (Pilot & Maintenance)
1) Captain Ping Lee, Chief Pilot, Human Factor CRM Team, EVA Airways
Startle and Resilience
2) Jordan Wareham, Sr. Director Regulatory Compliance / 119 Director of Safety, Spirit Airlines & Eric A. Olson, CEO, EMO Advisors Inc.
Generating Essential Conflict: How Creating Resilience Strategies Against Destructive Conflict Increases Operational Safety
3) Norman Macleod, Organisational Human Factors, Davidson:McKay
What FRMS Cannot Tell You – Pilot Fatigue and Mental Health

Session 10 – AI, the Cloud and VR/XR in the Training Matrix (all streams)
1) Dr. Julian Abich IV, Senior Human Factors Engineer, Quantum Improvements Consulting
Improving the Probability of XR Adoption for Training
2) Dr. Robert ‘Bob’ Thomas, Assistant Professor and Chief Ground Instructor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Developing and Testing of a Virtual Reality Aviation Illusion Trainer
3) Sebastian Lozé, Unreal Engine Business Director, Simulations, Epic Games
Deploying Training and AI-based Scenarios on the Cloud

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