The Who, What, Why and When of WATS 2024!

Get ready for the World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) 2024, the premier gathering of aviation training professionals from around the globe. Hosted by Halldale Group, WATS is the world’s largest event dedicated to aviation training, serving airlines, aircraft manufacturers, regulators, training providers, and the training industry at large.

This year, we have new exhibitors, new speakers, new breakout sessions, new sponsors, next technology and much more, make sure you plan your visit to get the most out of the event!

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Exail wins new contract for B737
maintenance simulator

Lannion (France) – 14/03/2024 – Exail, a global leader in the field of flight and
maintenance training simulator, announced today the signature of a new contract for a
B737 Flight and Maintenance Training Device. This new simulator will be delivered to
Fosen High School in Norway. It will serve as a comprehensive training solution for the
school, offering a realistic and immersive experience for students undergoing B737
maintenance and flight training programs. This contract follows the successful delivery of
a Maintenance Training Device (MTD) classroom in August 2023.
‘’We want to thank the Exail team for its excellent support during the whole procurement
process. After the sucessful and on-time delivery of a first MTD in August 2023, we decided
to renew our trust in Exail to deliver cutting-edge solutions that align with our training
needs and the challenges of our growth as major center for aviation training. With the
forthcoming delivery of this advanced Flight and Maintenance Training Device, we eagerly
anticipate our trainees benefiting from its state-of-the-art features and we are confident
that it will significantly enhance their training experience. We now look forward to
continuing the good cooperation with the Exail teams! ‘’ says Per Inge Rønsberg, Training
Manager at Fosen High School.
Exail’s Flight and Maintenance Training Device stands out as a modular training solution
that seamlessly integrates high-fidelity aircraft simulation software with maintenance
training features, enhancing training efficiency and optimizing time. This innovative device
allows students to practice maintenance procedures, troubleshoot faults, and accumulate
valuable experience—all without the need to deploy an actual aircraft, thereby mitigating
risks to learner safety and eliminating the costs associated with real aircraft usage.
“We would like to thank Fosen High School for choosing us as a trusted partner for their
cutting-edge training in aeronautical maintenance. This mark of trust reinforces our
commitment to excellence and innovation and we are thrilled to be part of the education
of the future generation at Fosen High School and contribute to a safer world. We look
forward to continuing to support Fosen High School in empowering students for the
challenges of the evolving aeronautical landscape‘’ says Charles Le Bot at Exail.

HelpMeSee Signs Up as Charitable Partner for Halldale’s 2024 Live Events

Halldale Group, the leading B2B events company dedicated to simulation training industries worldwide, is joining forces with HelpMeSee to support their global effort to aid cataract sufferers with a partnership for its 2024 live events, WATSAPATS, and EATS.

This exciting, new charitable partnership marks a significant step forward in the mission to support global safety training initiatives while making a meaningful impact on restoring sight and bringing hope to those in need.

Established four decades ago, Halldale has continuously evolved under the leadership of founder and CEO Andy Smith to remain at the forefront of safety training methodologies and technologies. Through live and virtual events, print, digital media, and a dedicated editorial team, Halldale Group serves as a trusted partner in disseminating best practices across safety critical industries worldwide.

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Exploring the Future of AAM Training at WATS 2024

The future of advanced air mobility is not in fact the future, but the now. The sector, and particularly the training for it, needs addressing, which is why the World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) is staging a new breakout session on this important area of training.

Scheduled for 0900-1030 in Room Wekiwa 4/5 on Thursday 2nd May, this event promises to be an informative knowledge session, offering insights from four talented industry leaders and experts shaping the future of aviation training.

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Touch & Go Solutions – Powering Performance

Consider everything it takes to move people and cargo around the globe using aircraft reliably. It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that air transportation is one of the most intricate and complex services to deliver to customers. Yet passenger and cargo airlines maintain a safety record that few industries can match. This enviable track record is largely due to talented people working for air carriers – people who must be prepared for threats and risks inherent to aviation.

In 2020, Touch & Go Solutions (TGS) was founded by a small group of training professionals passionate about improving performance. With over three centuries of combined experience, the TGS team is hyper-focused on helping operators improve the human side of operational performance. This requires expertise garnered from practical experience managing large, complicated training systems. Today’s challenges of complex flight operations dictate that training cannot be managed in isolation. It must be designed as part of an overarching safety system that aligns knowledge and skill requirements with the demands of the operation. TGS specializes in this optimization.

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Anugraha will be at WATS 2024!

Discover the power of Anugraha Exceed Private Limited (AEPL), the leading provider of Competency-Based Training Platforms and XR Solutions designed to elevate organizational competency and safety standards.

At AEPL, we specialize in addressing the common challenges faced by organizations across industries, particularly in Aerospace, Defense, Energy, and Healthcare sectors. With a keen focus on regulatory and mandatory training, we offer tailored solutions to empower organizations in achieving their safety and competency objectives.

To find out more about the revolutionary RAPTOR™ product and the implications on future training, contact Sridhar Krishna via email on to arrange a discussion.

Bula Vinaka to all WATS 2024 attendees.

The Fiji Airways Aviation Academy, home of Fiji Airways Flight Training is joining WATS 2024 to show case its world-class flight simulator center. Visitors to booth 601 will be enchanted with the beautiful Fiji Islands and able to take a virtual tour of this modern aviation facility including its 737 MAX and A330 CAE 7000 XR Full Flight Simulators. For those who prefer to see with their own eyes, one lucky visitor will win a trip for 2 to Fiji including 5 nights at the Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa (T&C’s available at the booth).

2024 will be a milestone year for the FJAA with four new flight training devices arriving over the next 3 months, two CAE 7000 XR FFS (A350 and ATR72-600) and two CAE 500XR FTD’s (737 MAX and A330), adding significant new capacity and availability for customer airline training departments to access additional simulator time, in a bucket-list destination. EASA Qualification is planned in August 2024.

You can also find out how easy it is to visit Fiji from North America with direct flights on Fiji Airways from LAX, SFO and YVR. Asia is equally well supported from SIN, HKG and NRT.

So make sure to swing by booth 601, to experience a little slice of paradise, with a chance to experience it for real. Krish and John will be onsite and look forward to chatting with you about your flight training requirements.

Xennial to showcase CAE Virtual Reality (VR) Technician Training Simulator at WATS!

Xennial, a leading Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) company focused on building immersive training simulators for the aviation industry, will be showcasing at WATS the recently launched VR Maintenance Training Solution co-developed with CAE.

CAE, a global leader in the aviation training space, is deploying a groundbreaking VR training solution with two initial digital twins of a Gulfstream G650 and a Gulfstream G500/600.

If you’d like to see a demo of the VR Gulfstream G650 solution, please visit the Xennial team at Booth #828.

You can also learn about how VR/AR are transforming aviation technician training by downloading the white paper co-written by CAE and Xennial from this website:

WATS 2024 sponsor Artemis Aerospace opens two US hubs

 Global aviation component solutions and sims support specialist Artemis Aerospace has opened two new hubs in the US.

Located in Miami, FL and Los Angeles, CA, Artemis’s stateside hubs will streamline orders and deliveries for US-based customers and provide a quicker and even more efficient service.

The company, which was established in 1999 by Jim and Deborah Scott and has headquarters in the UK, operates a global, solution-led service. Its flexible approach has earned the company an enviable reputation across multiple disciplines, including component supplies, component repairs, lessor support, flight simulation hardware support, consignment stock management and global aircraft logistics.

Jim Scott, Owner, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Artemis Aerospace, said:

“This marks a new chapter for Artemis as we strengthen our global offer. Combined with our establishment of US banking facilities for the convenience of US customers, our new hubs will guarantee that we can continue to provide the highest quality service across the Americas, shorten delivery times and offer quick and convenient solutions.”

Artemis is proud to be a Bronze sponsor of WATS 2024. Our Sales Director, Dan Frith, will be in attendance. Please contact him to arrange meeting up by emailing

Exciting New Additions at WATS 2024: First-Time Exhibitors and Sponsors

The World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) 2024 is just around the corner, and this year promises to be bigger and better than ever before. With a lineup of first-time exhibitors and sponsors, the event is set to showcase the latest innovations and advancements in aviation training.

As of April 4, 2024, we’re thrilled to welcome several first-time exhibitors to the WATS floor that will provide a fresh new look for those who are regular visitors to our flagship event. From cutting-edge technology to innovative training solutions, these exhibitors are poised to make a significant impact.

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Lee Woodward, CEO and co-founder of Skyborne Airline Academy, will be joining the WATS 2024 ATO/Ab Initio panel to share his insights into ‘Different Approaches, Same Outcomes?’

In 2017 Lee founded Skyborne and has built one of the most successful ATO/flight schools in the UK and US supplying pilots to Delta, SkyWest, United, American, Endeavour and Avelo, as well as British Airways, easyJet, DHL, Whizz Air and Ryanair.

With over 30 years’ experience in airline operations, training and ATO ownership, Lee will be bringing vital insights to the panel discussions.

About Skyborne

In the ever-changing world of pilot training, standing still is not an option. Skyborne underpins their pioneering spirit through an innate desire to continuously evolve. Challenging the norms of standard training, resulting in delivering excellent pilots to their airline partners.

From their unique educational approach to their world-class facilities based at Vero Beach Regional airport in Florida, Skyborne is radically redefining every aspect of pilot training through Progressive Continuous Learning methodologies that focus on developing talent and absorbing new skills from their vastly experienced instructors.

They use a combination of tried and tested methods and the latest technology to provide students with the very best training possible, considering all aspects of the journey from the very first contact through to airline placements on successful graduation and everything in between.

Through their meaningful alliances with the world’s most reputable and trusted airlines, Skyborne has created a variety of pathways for aspiring pilots.

Skyborne is currently recruiting for a number of roles, including Chief Flight Instructors, FAA certified Flight Instructors, Ground School Instructors, Mechanics, Flight Dispatchers and more, to cope with growing student demand.

If you are looking to lead change, bring ideas, ingenuity, and determination and make a real difference, in return for the most competitive salary package and benefits, career security and flexibility, set in beautiful and thriving parts of the world, in state-of-the-art facilities, then Skyborne would love to hear from you. You can find out more by visiting

WATS Panel to Feature International Flight Training Leaders

One of the most popular sessions at the World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) – the Airline Training Leaders Panel – will feature a cross-section of flight training experts from around the world this year. Representatives will include veterans from North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, as well as leaders from two major commercial aviation organizations. WATS 2024 is being held 30 April – 2 May in Orlando, Florida.

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Halldale Introduces Exclusive Gen Z Workshop At WATS 2024

As part of the World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) 2024, Halldale is launching a new and exclusive workshop tailored to meet the training needs of Generation Z and younger Millennials.

Titled “Meeting Them Where They Are: A New Paradigm to Train Generation Z & Younger Millennials,” will be led by Sean J. Glassberg. This session promises to equip trainers with invaluable strategies to engage and interact effectively with modern learners.

Led by renowned facilitator Sean Glassberg, participants will delve into the unique communication needs and styles of Generation Z and younger Millennials.

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What’s New Cabin Crew?

As we buckle up for WATS 2024 at the end of this month, we caught up with some thought leaders in the Cabin Crew sector. What tech should be considered in training, and why? What’s new this year to the exhibitor floor? Should you attend every year? And what topics will be explored this year in the Cabin Crew Stream? So grab yourself a hot beverage, while we spill the tea.

When new, dazzling tech is available, does the current, “tried and true” method still outshine the new? Or is there a need to evolve with the trends? With so many new technologies rapidly emerging in the training sector, perhaps the most important questions are: what are the results we are trying to achieve, and how can we best prepare our crew?

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Introducing the B787 FMS Trainer PRO App

Heading365 is excited to share that our B787 FMS Trainer App will be available soon, bringing a new dimension to pilot training for airlines operating the B787 and training organisations utilising B787 simulators.

What sets our app apart?

Customization Options: Our app offers extensive customization features, allowing you to tailor scenarios, settings, and more to align perfectly with your training objectives.

Freeplay Mode: Practice in an unrestricted environment where pilots can hone their skills, experiment with different scenarios, and prepare for real-world challenges.

Global Database: Benefit from a comprehensive, worldwide database, ensuring the information and scenarios are as accurate as possible.

Significant Time Savings: By integrating our app into your training syllabus, you can significantly reduce the need for Full Flight Simulator hours, saving valuable time and resources while maintaining the highest training standards.

Gen Z Workers Don’t Know How to Speak With Older Colleagues

A staggering one in five Gen Z workers have not had a direct conversation with someone over 50 in their workplace in the last year, new research from LinkedIn shows.

While a Harris Poll, commissioned exclusively for Fortune, revealed 65% of Gen Z employees don’t know what to talk about with their older co-workers.

Given the huge recruitment demand in aviation, bridging the generational gap is crucial for the industry to recruit, retain and flourish.

At the upcoming World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) 2024, renowned industry expert Emily Hooker, who holds extensive experience in aviation training, cabin crew operations and safety instruction, will present her findings in “Adapting to Generation Z.”

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Eduworks will be at WATS 2024

Discover the Future of Aviation Training with Eduworks

We’re excited to announce that Eduworks will be participating at WATS 2024 where we’ll be showcasing our innovative training solution: TIDES. Designed to revolutionize aviation training, TIDES offers a competency-based approach that seamlessly integrates documentation and implementation, providing unparalleled efficiency for our valued customers and partners.

Meet our team at booth #725 to experience a live demo of TIDES and discover how it can transform your training methodology.

In an industry experiencing rapid growth and evolution, TIDES stands out as a cost-effective, efficient, and fully customized training solution. With projections indicating over 2 million new aviation personnel entering the field in the next two decades, the demand for pilot and mechanic training has reached unprecedented levels, straining existing training pipelines. Developed by a team of seasoned training experts, TIDES addresses this challenge head-on by employing a proven methodology to facilitate competency-based training, streamline reporting, and centralize data management. By automating training needs analysis and adapting seamlessly to evolving regulations, TIDES empowers aviation companies to optimize their training programs and maintain a competitive edge.

Join us at WATS 2024 as we unveil the future of aviation training. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how TIDES can propel your organization to new heights!

See you there!

Implementing VR/AR: Ensuring The Toys Don’t End Up Sitting In A Cupboard

Highly regarded and always in demand, we are delighted to introduce Aliesha Staples as part of our speaker list for the 2024 World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) Cabin Crew Conference. 

Aliesha is the founder and director of StaplesVR, an emerging technology company that creates training products for defence, aviation, medical, first responders and health and safety, as well as technology solutions for the film industry.

With a particular focus on Aviation, Aliesha has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to implementing the technology over the last 15 years. Her talk will go over some of the incredible benefits for the trainee and company if the technology is implemented correctly.

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Navigating UPRT: Insights from Captain Christof Kemeny

Anticipation is building for the World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) 2024 and we are putting the final touches to the world’s biggest aviation training event to ensure the best possible experience for our attendees.

We can’t wait for you to attend our insightful conferences, where you can hear from esteemed experts like Captain Christof Kemeny. His session on “Push to Unload – Are we doing it right? Overcoming Challenges in Upset Prevention and Recovery Training: A Practical Perspective” is one not to miss.

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Qualtero and Charles River Analytics Showcase Fox-KWYN™ Adaptive Training Solution at WATS 2024

March 11th, 2024 — Qualtero, a pioneer in innovative aviation training management solutions, and Charles River Analytics, a leading provider of artificial intelligence technologies, have unveiled Fox-KWYN™, an adaptive training solution set to transform the way aviation organizations approach training management. We are thrilled to announce that we will be demonstrating our new adaptive training solution at WATS 2024.

This cutting-edge AI algorithm analyzes performance data to provide evidence-based insights and recommendations that allow aviation organizations to improve training and plan it with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness, providing operation-wide and trainee-by-trainee recommendations, while saving resources.

The key features of the Fox-KWYN™ Adaptive Training Solution include delivering the shortest possible learning pathways tailored to each trainee, performance-based planning using trainee performance forecasts and insights, proficiency-centric advancements beyond syllabus timelines, historical performance analysis to continuously improve training methodologies, resource optimization to save costs without compromising quality, and personalized training objectives to increase trainee success rates by addressing unique learning needs.

“We are excited about the possibilities that Fox-KWYN™ brings to the world of aviation training management,” said Yuval Sive, VP of Sales at Qualtero. “By combining Qualtero’s domain expertise with Charles River Analytics’ advanced AI capabilities, we are confident that Fox-KWYN™ will redefine how organizations approach and deliver training,”

About Qualtero (

Qualtero, formerly Britannica Knowledge Systems, is an industry-leading visionary of training management solutions with 30+ years of serving world-leading defense, security, aerospace, and airline training operations.

About Charles River Analytics (

Charles River Analytics brings foundational research to life, creating human-centered intelligent systems at the edge of what’s possible, through deep partnerships with our customers.

The Pilot Brain: How Personality Affects Safety

Erika Armstrong, author of the bestselling book A CHICK IN THE COCKPIT, will present at the 2024 World Aviation Training Summit (WATS).

Erika, a seasoned aviation professional with a diverse career spanning 30 years, will be shedding light on a crucial aspect often overlooked in pilot training—the pilot’s own brain.

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Elevating Aviation Excellence: The Latin America and Caribbean Chapter of the Aircrew Training Policy Group

The establishment of the Latin America and Caribbean Chapter within the Aircrew Training Policy Group (ATPG) heralds a new era of collaboration and excellence in aviation training across the region.

This strategic initiative, born out of the World Aviation Training Summit (WATS), represents a concerted effort to address the unique challenges and opportunities inherent in Latin America’s dynamic aviation landscape.

Following two years of dedicated focus, including the formation of a dedicated Spanish working group and region-targeted meetings, the ATPG recognized the imperative for a specialized chapter to cater to the region’s expanding aviation sector.

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“Fit for Flight” – Elevating Aviation Professionals to New Horizons

The Inflight Institute is introducing “Fit for Flight” – created with author and award winner
Captain Jean Denis Marcellin.
In recent years, mental resilience has been the core focus of professionals who face high-stress
situations as part of their daily lives. From professional athletes to next generation fighter jet
pilots, the ability to maintain control over their critical thinking and tap into their peak
performance at a moment’s notice has been the center of research and millions of dollars in
More and more, research is showing that peak performance is not only related to “basic” skills,
but it is the compounded results of a holistic approach to healthy life habits – from sleep, to
nutrition, and mental health management techniques.
“Fit for Flight” is more than just a course; it’s a transformational journey that covers the essential
pillars required for an outstanding career in aviation. Here’s what participants can expect:
Performance Excellence: Participants will reach new heights in career performance, mastering
strategies to boost their skills, efficiency, and decision-making capabilities, ensuring they
consistently perform at their best.
Cognitive Brilliance: The program offers cutting-edge techniques to enhance cognitive
performance, enabling aviation professionals to handle the most challenging situations with
confidence and mental clarity.
Fitness and Lifestyle Mastery: “Fit for Flight” extends its focus to include comprehensive fitness
routines and lifestyle modifications that ensure participants are in prime physical condition to
meet the rigorous demands of their profession.
Combatting Fatigue: A crucial element of the program is its in-depth approach to managing and
overcoming fatigue, a significant factor in aviation safety. It equips participants with the
knowledge to maintain high energy levels and readiness for long-haul flights and intense
Nutrition for Success: The course reveals the secrets behind nutrition specifically designed for
aviation professionals, highlighting how the right dietary choices can enhance energy, focus, and
overall well-being.
The “Fit for Flight” program is a call to action for aviation professionals to take control of their
professional and personal health. It’s an investment in their future, promising a significant impact
on performance, health, and success in the fast-paced aviation industry.
Join us and redefine your career trajectory. With “Fit for Flight,” the sky is truly the limit. 

FAA’s Whitaker to Keynote WATS 2024

US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator Michael G. Whitaker will keynote the 2024 World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) in Orlando, it was announced by the FAA and Halldale Group, organizers of WATS.

WATS is the world’s largest aviation training event with more than 1000 attendees from over 50 countries, including representatives from more than 70 air operators.

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New Ab Initio Training Stream Added to WATS 2024 Program

In a bid to further enrich the content and diversity of World Aviation Training Summit (WATS), the world’s largest simulation training event, a dedicated conference stream focused on Ab Initio training has been introduced for 2024.

Spearheaded by Paul Preidecker, a former chief flight instructor, examiner, and captain with over 30 years experience in the airline industry, this new addition promises to be a highlight for both providers and potential employers seeking graduates from Approved Training Organizations (ATOs).

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Tackling The Gorilla of Scenario Based Training

Halldale Group is thrilled to have Jose Alfonso return to speak at the upcoming World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) 2024.

Jose, the owner and founder of Empower Communications Group, brings a wealth of experience in law enforcement training garnered from over 30 years in the Boston Police Department and a deep understanding of de-escalation strategies. His sessions are always informative, engaging and a highlight of the Cabin Crew Conference at WATS.

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How Do You Know What You Don’t Know If You Don’t Know That You Don’t Know it?

We are delighted to welcome Ivan Noel to be part of our esteemed line up of speakers at the upcoming World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) 2024. 

Ivan is the president of Inflight Innovations Inc. and the Inflight He founded Inflight in 1999 after noting the significant number of students in airline ground schools that were not succeeding due to a lack of preparation. His aim: to provide prospective cabin crew with the opportunity to experience a virtual airline ground school to help their chances of passing.

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