Capt. Peter Wolfe & Capt. Randy Hamilton

Reducing New Hire Pilot Washouts

This presentation will focus on the industry’s need to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of US Ab Initio trainers and their courses by:

a. Using PABC’s Demographic Survey data to identify new hire pilots’ Ab Initio trainers.
b. Tracking each Ab Initio trainer’s history of having gaps in the subjects they cover.
c. Hiring and retaining well-qualified and dedicated ground and flight instructors.
d. Recognizing Ab Initio programs that produce pilot graduates that are:
– Highly rated for their performance and preparedness in class.
– Eager to learn and keep pace with the demands of each new subject
e. Increasing the confidence of cadets’ sponsors – that their funds are well spent.

Day 2 – Wednesday 4th May 2022 – Session 7

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