Geoff Murray, PhD.

Regrowing Airline Ops – The Pilot Shortage and Training Bubble

The Covid pandemic wreaked havoc on global airline operations and resulted in significant reductions – or in some cases outright shutdown – of airline operations across the globe.

Airlines across the world adopted different approaches to accommodate the reduction in traffic. Some airlines furloughed staff while others provided paid leaves of absence, reduced work arrangements or early retirements. While those strategies provided immediate relief, they set the stage for long-term and material challenges associated with the return to normal, or near-normal, operations.

In this presentation we will highlight and provide insights from the various slow-down/shut-down approaches and provide a perspective on recovery strategies. The presentation will draw on Oliver Wyman’s proprietary pilot shortage analysis and insights from projects supporting various airlines as they regrew their airline operations.

Day 1 – Tuesday 3rd May 2022 – Session 4

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