Capt. Fabiano Cypel

Engaging with Evidences: OEM Support to Pilot Training Evolution

Training is evolving at a different pace with a sort of methods from place to place around the globe. EBT, CBTA, AQP, Scenario-Based Recurrent, it is unanimous that pilots’ community approves the evolution of methods moving away from task-based, repetitive, foreseeable and static syllabus. It is predictable that airlines, OEMs and regulators have several new demands to suffice the application of such methods.

Embraer could notice among its operators that we are in a transition phase. Mixed EBT, AQP accounting for competencies, task-based with assessment of non-technical skills, there are a sort of options in the basket. But for sure training is moving towards the latest ICAO task force templates.

Considering the new demands and willing to provide useful data, Embraer will share with the audience a couple of examples that are distinctive to the OEM but have a good value when considered as an input for any training program. Part of these tools were developed for a different utilization, with a maintenance bias, but now could contribute with an interesting flavor helping airlines to build more realistic training cycles.

Embraer embraces the evolution of pilots’ training, learning within the community and applying, step by step, all required efforts to be part of it.

Day 3 – Thursday 5th May 2022 – Session 9

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