Dr. Joel English & Dr. Michael Lanouette

Increasing Certification Rates Through Continuous Program Modification

One of the hidden dark secrets plaguing Part 147 education is that not all students who graduate from an A&P program actually sit for the A&P exams. With the dire shortage of A&P mechanics to serve airlines, MRO’s, FBO’s, and manufacturers, industry needs as many certified mechanics as possible. Yet students customarily let text anxiety, the lure of taking non-certificated roles, or the lack of funds to pay for the certification process stall them from taking the exams after certification. Over the past five years, Aviation Institute of Maintenance has all but cured this problem within its 14 campuses across the country. In this presentation, Dr. Joel English and Dr. Michael Lanouette will demonstrate the various program improvements to customize all student activity to promote the certification process. They will demonstrate how AIM students consistently become certified at the end of and during the educational process, and demonstrate how other schools can learn from this philosophy of continuous improvement.

Day 2 – Wednesday 4th May 2022 – Session 6

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