Play your FMS like Mozart played his piano: FMS Trainers from Heading365

We have built FMS Trainer Apps for iOS and Windows that emulate a real aircraft’s FMS 1:1.

Our aim is to save our customer valuable simulator time, help to optimize the syllabus and make repetition sessions obsolete. All of this technicaly as simple as possible.

The FMS Trainer is equipped with numerous, easy-to-understand features that make autonomous learning possible. Different levels of guidance help your pilots to be well prepared for their next sim session.

We’ve implemented tons of customisation options so that your individual FMS Trainer ends up looking and operating exactly like the FMS in your aircraft.

Would you prefer single licenses or rolling out to 1000 EFBs across an entire fleet? Sure! Just visit us at booth 713 and we look forward to finding your individual solution.

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