EyeTracking LLC

EyeTracking LLC provides the world’s most advanced eye tracking solutions for simulation and applied environments. Our new training-focused solutions do more than measure where people look – they assess cognitive workload, cognitive state, and levels of expertise. Our solutions empower informed decisions about design and training for aviation, aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and defense. Whether in an operational environment, a simulator, or VR, the goals are the same: better decisions, fewer errors, and a faster path from novice to expert. Visit us at booth 607 and see for yourself!

EyeTracking was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Solana Beach, California, USA. The eye connects us with the complex systems that keep us safe, healthy, and happy in the modern world. For over 20 years, EyeTracking has been using feedback from our eyes to perfect those systems and improve both the training and the performance of the people that use them.

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