Gilmore Global

With more than 25 years experience providing solutions to the aerospace segment for learning delivery, Gilmore Global is a natural selection for those learning organizations looking to advance their content delivery strategies.


HAVELSAN is one of the leading technology companies of Türkiye, established in 1982 as a corporation affiliated with the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation. Thanks to its decades-long experience and highly qualified human resources, HAVELSAN provides high technology-based software-intensive solutions and products for armed forces, public and private sectors.

Artemis Aerospace

Artemis Aerospace offers an innovative approach to component solutions for the flight simulation sector. Established in 1999, the company has earned a reputation for outstanding customer service by solving problems and providing a range of realistic options that offer customers the flexibility and freedom to choose a solution that suits their timescales and resources.

Gözen Digital Aviation

Gözen Digital Aviation (GDA) focuses on creating advanced digital solutions for the aviation industry, while setting new standards of digital strategies for leading companies in the market. GDA is thrilled to create high functionality niches through the expertise gathered from multiple verticals of aviation.

X2O Media

X2O Media provides technology to create collaboration rooms for higher education and global organizations, and with its X2O OneRoom technology provides an engaging learning and training hybrid learning experience with a human connection bringing in-room and remote learners together as one.


Qualtero is a leading provider of advanced AI-driven aviation training management solutions that support the most complex aviation training requirements.


Play your FMS like Mozart played his piano: FMS Trainers from Heading365


HINFACT is an innovative company oriented towards flight safety through evidence-based training solutions. We support airlines and ATO with our software that complies with regulations and CBTA/EBT standards.

AXIS Flight Training Systems

AXIS makes advanced full flight simulators built to the highest technical and quality standards for pilot training. Using state-of-the-art technology, including a Linux-based operating system and integrated remote monitoring and control systems, AXIS simulators are more realistic, more reliable and easier to operate than traditional models.

Astrom Training Solutions

Astrom Training Solutions is an innovative aviation training management system (TMS) and CBT courseware provider. We specialize in the design, development and delivery of next-generation training systems and CBT resources for the aviation industry. Our solutions are world class, easy to use, and readily scalable.

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