ProSim Training Solutions

ProSim Training Solutions is a leading software company dedicated to creating versatile software solutions for aviation training, driving fixed base training devices, the ViXR virtual instructor, FMS Trainers and Maintenance Trainers.

The industries served span across Airlines, Flight Academies and Approved Training Organisations, providing industry bespoke software solutions from initial familiarisation to recurrent type rating training.

Since 2011, and the release of our ProSim737 and ProSimA320 Professional Simulator Suites, we have made significant strides in the field of professional pilot training. Leveraging the expertise of our skilled team and the latest technological developments, we continue to push boundaries.

Along our journey, we set up a joint venture with TXT Group at the end of 2022, committed to provide customers with high quality advanced training solutions. With 30 years of experience, TXT is a global IT group that offers end-to-end software services and solutions, supporting different industries including aerospace.

As a company, ProSim Training Solutions prides itself on providing the most accurate and reliable software solutions in the market for aviation training. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we aim to play a pivotal role in the training and accreditation of future aviation professionals, ensuring they are equipped with the highest standard of training technology available.

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