HINFACT is an innovative company oriented towards flight safety through evidence-based training solutions. We support airlines and ATO with our software that complies with regulations and CBTA/EBT standards.

Our HINSIGHT product includes:

  • Course and sessions design compliant with regulations, EBT requirements, to produce rapidly training programs.
  • Simulator sessions played on tablet allowing instructors to evaluate the performances produced by the trainees, observable behaviors and TEM. The notes are gathered for debriefing and grading.
  • Dynamic Analytics tool to identify strengths and weaknesses and adapt programs.

An “enhanced” version of HINSIGHT allows the real-time collection and processing of all the flights parameters recorded from the simulators supporting instructors to assess technical competencies. As an option, we integrate remote eye-tracking/physiological data from the pilots to support the detection of OBs in addition to the instructor observations.

Our solution is totally open and can be connected to the airlines systems.

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