Astrom Training Solutions

Astrom Training Solutions is an innovative aviation training management system (TMS) and CBT courseware provider. We specialize in the design, development and delivery of next-generation training systems and CBT resources for the aviation industry. Our solutions are world class, easy to use, and readily scalable.

Our core advantages:

  1. Astrom’s fully integrated Training Management System (Galaxy) can reduce admin time by 50% or more for airline training departments.
  2. Astrom’s CBT courseware utilizes rich 3D/VR graphics, creating highly engaging training experiences for flight crews. Our 3D virutal cockpits with realistic controls and instrumentation provide a life-like experience for pilot initial and recurrent training. Astrom’s General Topic and Human Factors courses (including advanced CRM training set the standard for modern training content).
  3. Our scheduling platform, QMS, and mobile learning app reduce overall training footprint.
  4. Astrom’s Smart-Sim App allows airlines to implement paperless simulator grading and improve EBT competency assessment.
  5. Astrom’s industry leading analytics also help training managers and instructors improve exams, question banks, and training outcomes.

Astrom has the most advanced training management system, Galaxy, which includes:

  • LMS – Learning Management System
  • AES – Adaptive Exam System
  • Training plan – unique Initial and Recurrent Training Framework
  • QMS – Qualification Management System
  • Scheduling – Training and Simulator Scheduling, and Resource Optimization
  • Smart Sim – Simulator Grading and Competence Assessment App
  • Air Pad – Mobile On-line/Off-line Training Solution
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