Stephen Gatlin

Stephen Gatlin

Cabin Crew Training Program Director, CPaT Global

Stephen Gatlin joined CPaT Global in November 2022 as Cabin Crew Training Program Director. With over 30 years of experience in both the airline and general aviation industry, Mr. Gatlin’s extensive background includes teaching pilots and cabin crews as an aviation instructor. Since his first solo in 1977, Mr. Gatlin has over two thousand hours of flight time in various aircraft, eight thousand hours as a simulator instructor, and nearly ten-thousand hours as a ground school instructor. Mr. Gatlin’s experience comes from many years as a systems ground instructor teaching and developing training programs for the Airbus A320, A330 and Boeing 737 aircraft as well as cabin crew training programs and instructor for a major airline and has several years as the Manager of Courseware development for a Part 142 training center in Miami.

Mr. Gatlin is a graduate of The Ohio State University and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the College of Aviation and is a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, a lifetime member of the Experimental Aircraft Association, and the National Association of Flight Instructors. He holds several FAA pilot certificates including the Advanced Instrument Ground Instructor, and Remote Pilot certificate. Stephen is member of the FAA FAAS Team out of the Orlando FSDO and actively participates in the Experimental Aircraft Association Young Eagles program which he provides free introductory flights to local youth.

Stephen’s hobbies include scuba diving, RVing, and flying his own Redbird TD-2 flight simulator.

Maximize Your Cabin Crew Training Goals with Advanced Distance Learning Solutions

In CPaT’s presentation, “Maximize Your Cabin Crew Training Goals with Advanced Distance Learning Solutions” we will discuss how to use eLearning development tools for Cabin Crew training as an alternative to in-person classroom training. CPaT will demonstrate how using today’s modern solutions, Cabin Crew Distance Learning provides efficient, high-quality training for your Cabin Crew members while reducing cost to your Airline or Training Organization. Since the global pandemic, a once less adopted form of training (distance learning) has not only become more widely adopted but has become more of a “norm.” How can organizations capitalize on this type of training method without sacrificing the quality of their training or safety?

This presentation will discuss how distance learning not only meets the quality of traditional in-person training but can exceed the quality of training through an enhanced learning experience for the students.

  • CPaT will present which Cabin Crew training courses can adopt distance learning vs. in-person, instructor-led training, and still meet regulation requirements.
  • CPaT will walk through how students can gain a deeper understanding of training content through self-paced learning and the standardization of material, subject matter, and quiz and testing modes.
  • Finally, CPaT will demonstrate how adopting distance learning methods for training Cabin Crew members can train students more efficiently, while reducing significant cost.