Michelle Arredondo

Michelle Arredondo

Maintenance Instructor, Ascent Aviation Services

I am currently the Maintenance Instructor of Boeing 737 NG, 737 MAX, A320 and CRJ700/900 aircraft. I have been with Ascent Aviation Services since February 2021, and it has been a challenging experience that drives my passion for aviation. I grew up in Mexico. I got a bachelors degree from Instituto Politecnico Nacional in Mexico, and I got a masters degree in Aeronautical Management from Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona in Spain. I have worked in several areas of aviation such as airport safety management, airport customer service, dispatch, and airport operation management, and in roles as a maintenance technician, and maintenance instructor. I hold a maintenance license and I am working to get my A&P/FAA license. I have more than 2000 hours as Maintenance Instructor.

Development and Training for Technical Publications

Part of my duties is to manage the maintenance bulletins generated for technicians to prevents mistakes, to remember some safety practices, or to update some procedures. But, honestly, the most of these bulletins are being ignored due to the quantity of them that normally are issued by each airline.

We can think about this situation from different perspectives. The first one, if we are an airline, this makes this activity easier. Because, our bulletins will be generated about our procedures only, about our fleet or our policies and procedure manual. Now, let’s imagine, we are talking about an MRO. In this type of company, one technician can receive around 8 to 10 bulletins monthly from each airline. But one technician normally works with more than one airline. At Ascent, we have technicians that work with around 6 or 7 airlines. Can you imagine that? We are talking around 70 bulletins per month. Too much information, too much text but not too much time to read it, and understanding it, in order to apply the information in our daily work.

What is the result? The technician is reading the information, but sometimes, they do not have the ability to read a paragraph and understand it completely.

How we can reduce this gap, between the objective to generate bulletins and the reality.

During this conference, I will show some tools and practices to generate more effective bulletins and reduce the maintenance mistakes.