Joseph Merry

Joseph Merry

President, Jet Maintenance Consulting Corp.

Life Career in Aviation

  • Beginning in 1980. 25% as Avionics Tech mostly commercial Aviation, 75% in Training and Engineering all commercial.
  • In 1991 Began Training Role
  • In 2004 Started path to include Engineering Role
  • In 2009 Started private biz as JMCC doing Training, Engineering, Tech Pubs


  • Solving problems.
  • Designed my first test fixture in 1986
  • Built my first custom test set in 1992
  • Designed First self paced training guide in 1993
  • First video to train in 1994
  • Always looking for methods to improve learning retention n help people with problem solving.
  • Held Chairmen role for Entire company that secured ABX ETOPS program approval in 2008
  • Built first database in low code for fleet AD and MPD tracking in 2017.
  • First Virtual Aircraft Survey Tour VAST product in 2021

Do It Yourself VR Training Development

A. Aircraft Virtual Tours are here

  • Same concept as the Real Estate market is doing.
  • KLM, Delta are using them on many aircraft.

B. Engaging and immersive learning can be accomplished without a major capitol expense.

C. This presentation will provide a overview of using latest technology to build Virtual models similar to a real estate tour.

D. Main concepts

i. The Survey

  • Mapping plan
  • Still 360 photos
  • Flat standard images
  • Limited video
  • Drone stills and video

ii. The Build

1. Organizing your source media

  • Final Product organization.
  • Goal – when you need to edit the tour. How can you find source material

2. Layout design n main menus

  • How you want to navigate the tour.
  • Main entry point
  • Search feature included
  • Home and sub menus

iii. Hosting

  • Look up virtual tour hosting
  • Choose accordingly to your needs
  • Experiment
  • Ask a consultant