Ivan Noël

Ivan Noël

President, Inflight Innovations Inc. / Founder, Inflight Institute.com

Ivan Noël is the president of Inflight Innovations Inc. and the founder of the Inflight Institute.com. With a focus on efficiency, his company produces some of the world’s most innovative programs through the invention and implementation of advanced training technologies.

Starting his career in aviation on the front lines as a Cabin Crew member has provided him with a unique perspective of the industry and the opportunity to effect change by developing advanced learning methods, interactive training techniques and the refinement of emergency procedures. He is known as the architect of online, Pre-qualification training for Cabin Crew with member airlines worldwide. He has influenced hundreds of thousands of crew members over the past two decades.

Competency-Based Training and Assessments in the Cabin

For years, Pilots have been implementing advanced methodologies that have helped improve Flight Safety, flight training efficiency and effectiveness.

Why not Cabin Crew? Improving efficiency while maintaining safety has long been a standing goal of training departments worldwide.

Along the same line as AQP, Competency-Based Training and Assessments further focuses on “Core Competencies and Behavioural Indicators” to understand the “WHY” a deficiency occurs.

In this presentation, we will travel through the challenges and benefits of the Competency-Based Training approach which is currently being implanted across Europe. We will create a roadmap for revolutionizing the quality of training, improving outcomes for cabin safety, all while supporting learners.