Aviatify-Productivity in Flight Training. We offer non-motion Flight Simulators (FTDs) for professional Flight Training. Products combine quality and fidelity up to the highest levels with an unmatched attention for ergonomics, comfort and work-flow oriented design in the aft cabin.

Our generic twin jet, and type specific A320 simulators provide a true-to-nature cockpit environment that matches respective EASA and FAA requirements up to FTD 2 / Level 5.

A fully enclosed and conditioned aft cabin houses a host of smart and practical accessories and amenities that elevate the training environment for both instructors, students and observers to a new level. The company can boast of reputed partners with extensive experience in the arena of Pilot Training and Flight Simulation.

All in all, we dare say that we built a great flight simulator around a groundbreaking Instructor Station.