Captain Jean-Michel Bigarré

Captain Jean-Michel Bigarré

Founder & President, AMFTA

Jean-Michel leads AMFTA as Founder & President, drawing upon 30 years experience in aviation and flight training. In 2019, he founded AMFTA as part of his vision to improve flight safety via the creation of a harmonised flight training level worldwide.

Previously, Jean-Michel was Head of Flight Training Worldwide & VP Training and Flight Ops, for major jet and turboprop aircraft manufacturers and has held executive positions including CEO & Member of Executive Board for different aircraft and simulator companies. During this time he was instrumental in developing training technologies whilst growing business revenue through innovative solutions, all the while focusing on enhancing flight safety. His wide airline experience also extends to the start-up and restructuring of several airlines.

Jean-Michel graduated at Air France and the French Civil Aviation University (ENAC) and began his career working for a major European airline, before joining the French Aviation Authorities to manage ab initio & advanced training. Throughout his career, Jean-Michel has flown for many different airlines and still flies on a regular basis. He is current on the A320/A330/A350 & A380 and is still acting as Instructor and Examiner on both Airbus aircraft and light aircraft.

Progress Report: The Aircraft Manufacturer Flight Training Association (AMFTA)

For years, aircraft manufacturers have worked independently to enhance flight safety via flight training.

Nevertheless, when taking a step back, it became obvious that it would be beneficial for aircraft manufacturer flight training organisations to address common flight training challenges together.

It was with this in mind, that Airbus, Boeing, COMAC, and Embraer worked together to form an organisation: Aircraft Manufacturer Flight Training Association (AMFTA), composed of the Heads of Flight Training and their representatives, building upon our collective experiences and expertise to create a harmonized global standard for flight training.

AMFTA is actively working on flight training and training-related operations recommendations to enhance flight training and aviation safety around the world.

The set-up of this game-changer is now complete. We will share with you the members, the vision, the ambition and main goals, together with AMFTA’s first set of recommendations and planning.