Captain Andy O'Shea

Captain Andy O'Shea

CEO, The Airline Pilot Club

Captain Andy O’Shea is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society (FRAeS) and CEO of The Airline Pilot Club, a community dedicated to developing quality in pilot training. He was Chair of the EASA Aircrew Training Policy Group when it produced the enhanced Multi Crew Coordination (MCC) training course known as the Airline Pilot Standard MCC (APS MCC). Andy is widely regarded as a leader in the pilot training industry. He is an experienced Airline Pilot, Instructor, Senior Examiner, and airline pilot training manager.

He has been a professional pilot for 40 years including 27 at Ryanair. As Ryanair’s Head of Training for 18 years he managed the training of over 10,000 low-hour pilots as they transitioned successfully from initial qualification to the Airline Pilot career.

Quality: Everyone Wins

Andy O’Shea and Ian Cooper will present on how focusing on quality at all stages in the pilot training process yields benefits to all stakeholders. They will discuss how a virtuous collaboration between the Regulator, Operators and the pilot training industry can produce systems that benefit all – the student, flying schools, operators and the airline industry itself.